The Autumn Book Tag

It seemed only appropriate to do an autumn book tag while we’ve still got this season (from the view-point of a north hemisphere inhabitant), otherwise I would have had to wait a whole year to do it properly (or wait until March and pretend I’m in Australia). A thousand thanks to Liesje  @athousandlives01 (see what I did there ‘wink’) for tagging me! Looking for a fun blog with lots of great book reviews and memes, then you should definitely check her out! For Liesje’s answers click here.

1. What is your favorite thing about autumn?

Since I am born in October I would say my birthday, but I also love the change in nature and colours. Moreover, drinking tea and hot chocolate under a blanket becomes socially accepted again.

2. What book reminds you of your school days?

I’m still in school, so I don’t really need a book to remind me of my current daily life, but I can make some predictions. I am pretty sure that every book I had to read in class will remind me of my school days, but also books I borrowed from the library, for example The Chronicles of Narnia in middle-school.

3. What cover reminds you of autumn?

I couldn’t decide between these two (every book blogger’s problem). I have not read them yet, so I hope I got them right :D. By the way, can we appreciate for a second how beautiful the cover for City of Halves is?

The One I LoveCity of Halves

4. What’s your favorite horror or Halloween story?

I am actually a big fan of horror, but I don’t read so many stories with this theme. However  I read stories about vampires, werewolves, ghosts, Bloody Mary, Woman in White and similar supernatural creatures you would normally hear about on my favourite TV show Supernatural. I also find the origin of Halloween that goes back to the celts very fascinating.

5. What is your favorite horror or Halloween film?

Like I mentioned above, I am a huge horror fan. Franchises like Saw, Child’s Play, Final Destination, Hannibal or movies such as A Nightmare on Elm Street, Friday the 13th, Halloween and Stephen King’s It are my favourites. These are also movies that I could enjoy, in comparison to others such as Grudge (which I barely finished one) or The Ring, which truly terrified me, played around with my anxiety and gave me nightmares.

6. What fall book release(s) are you looking forward to?

Normally I’m not looking forward for any, because I find about most of the books a while after they were released. However, if it is a book in a series or from an author I follow I would definitely look forward to it. My choices: Seraph of the End: Guren Ichinose: Catastrophe at Sixteen Vol. 3 (published September 27th) and Two by Two (published October 4th)

Seraph of the End: Guren Ichinose: Catastrophe at Sixteen Omnibus (2-in-1 Edition), Vol. 3 (Seraph of the End: Guren Ichinose: Catastrophe at Sixteen Omnibus, #3)Two By Two

7. What autumn movie release are you anticipating?

‘screaming’ ‘heavily breathing’ I need to watch this asap.

8. What are 3 books you plan to read this autumn?

Considering that I’ve got exactly one week left, planning to read 3 books is going to stay like that. Just a plan. Since I’m currently reading About a Boy by Nick Hornby I’m only planning to finish it by the end of the month.

Since autumn is over in a week it wouldn’t make too much sense to tag anyone for this, but there is nothing stopping you from doing it anyway. I hope you enjoyed it and I’ll see you soon. Until next time when I will be back with another tag.

-Demi x


Monthly Recap: August 2016

Hey there everyone! September is finally here and as you can see I’m a little bit later with this post than usual. School started, senior year, a lot of stress and of course excuses. I’ve been trying to focus on writing, but it didn’t go too well. Although I’ve been reading a few books lately, I found it really hard to write my thoughts on them. On the bright side I’ve finished my Goodreads challenge last month!! On the not so bright side I managed to get a hold of quite a number of books even though I was away for 3 weeks. I’ve managed to watch only 1 movie, but finished a few anime.

Movies I’ve Watched

#555 Gone Girl (2014)       Score: 10       19.08.2016

I was not convinced by the trailer or the synopsis that the movie is great but I really loved it! I think it had a really unexpected twist and was very well thought. A psychological rollercoaster indeed! Rosamund Pike and Ben Affleck delivered an outstanding performance.

When I think of my wife, I always think of the back of her head. I picture cracking her lovely skull, unspooling her brain, trying to get answers. The primal questions of a marriage: What are you thinking? How are you feeling? What have we done to each other? What will we do?

TV Shows Anime

August has been mostly about anime and I’m really happy I finally got to see some of my most wanted. I can sincerely say I found some soon to be all-time favourites. Although totally different themes and genres I love them ally equally. I’d love to share thoughts with you in case you’ve watched them. If you haven’t, then what are you waiting for?

These are the on going TV shows that I’m currently watching (which released new episodes in August or I’m catching up with) :

Books I’ve Read

I can proudly say I read 3 books last month (started 2 other books and continued another one), which is more than I imagined I’ll achieve.

  1. Erin Morgenstern – The Night Circus (August 13) 🇬🇧
  2. Nicholas Sparks – The Wedding (August 7) 🇷🇴
  3. J.K. Rowling – Harry Potter And The Prisoner of Azkaban (August 2) 🇬🇧

I’ve read 1228 pages in total, 39.6 pages a day.

The Night CircusThe Wedding (The Notebook, #2)Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban (Harry Potter, #3)

Newest Additions To The Bookshelf:


Another month has passed my dear friends and I want to thank all of you for following my and taking the time to read what I have to say from time to time. I really enjoy blogging and I definitely want to keep on writing, but with the A-levels coming closer each day, I’m not sure how much you’ll read from me from now on (at least till May next year). I’m still going to pop up from time to time to read your posts and post a few things on my Instagram and Twitter page. With that being said I wish all of you a nice September and for those who go to school/university good luck in your new year!

-Demi xx

Movie Review:: “X-Men: Apocalypse (2016)”

I have been waiting for this movie for sooo long and I finally got to watch it on Wednesday. Before you read on, you might want to know I am a HUGE fan of X-Men, superheroes and everything Marvel so it is going to be practically impossible for me to give away any flaws, maybe just some things I did not like. Also I’ll explain why I like this movie more than Captain America: Civil War. Here we go.


This movie introduces us with Apocalypse, the very first mutant (or a God as he likes to call himself) that has been asleep for thousands of years and is awakened in the 1970s by accident. He is very disappointed with his “children” that they let the mankind rule the world and plans to wipe clean the earth and rebuild it. He basically plans on bringing the Apocalypse on Earth (definitely did not see that coming). Because of the actions in X-Men: Days of the Future Past, the whole X-Men universe has been reset, basically none of the past movies ever happened (which sounds very familiar with Apocalypse’s plan) except for X-Men: First Class ( and the scenes in the past from Days of the Future Past and Origins: Wolverine… but you get what I mean). This ugly dude that has no fashion style builds a small army of 4 ‘horseman’ consisting of Storm, Angel, Psylocke and Magneto to help him with his mission. On the good team we have got Cyclops, Jean Grey, Mystique, Beast, Xavier, Nightcrawler and Quicksilver.

My Opinion (Spoilers) (also, you might not understand what I’m talking about if you haven’t watched the movie)

This movie was FANTASTIC! Quicksilver has become my favourite mutant (sorry Wolverine) and if you watched the movie you understand why. The scene where he saves all the students from the blast, his good tastes in music, his nonchalance and charisma make him the best character in this movie. Also the scene where he kicks Apocalypse butt/face was priceless. Apocalypse was pretty much just an ass (excuse my language), because he never gave the world a chance and took advantage of people’s grief and misery. The only good thing about him is his hairstyling skill; Storm and Xavier’s haircuts rock! I felt really sad for Magneto (he did not deserve it universe!) and I wished so much that he knew he still had a son (dang it Quicksilver, you should have said something).
No reason for this picture, besides the fact that it is beautiful! Back to my opinion, I did not think the movie was boring or too long, I think it was balanced. As mentioned above I liked Apocalypse more than Civil War, mainly because prior to the movie I was a fan of Iron-Man and he disappointed me in this movie (I’ll debate more on this topic in the monthly recap). I felt frustrated with the characters and that’s why Apocalypse did (for me) a better job. The scene with Jean Grey aka the Phoenix was marvellous. I can’t wait to see how her story evolves from here. Another aspect of the movie is the after-credits scene, which shows a man taking Wolverine’s blood sample and putting it besides other unknown ones in a briefcase, that has “Essex Corp” inscribed on it.  My opinion on it is that it’s got something to do with Mr. Sinister (and you could guess by the name that he has got some really bad plans with that blood).


I liked this movie A LOT and I think it is the best of its franchise. I highly recomand it (you’re going to have funny, sad, but also serious moments). Looking back I realise it’s got some big flaws, like it doesn’t care about physics, but I’m not the type of person to pay attention to them. MOVIES SHOULD ENTERTAIN YOU, SO TAKE A STEP BACK AND RELAX.
Extra Rating (inspired by Shannon)

  • Characters: ★★
  • Plot: ☆☆
  • Ending: ★☆
  • Originality: ★☆☆
  • Trailer: ★★☆☆

Aired: 18 May 2016
Director: Bryan Singer
Stars: James McAvoy (Professor Charles Xavier), Michael Fassbender (Erik Lehnsherr / Magneto), Jennifer Lawrence (Raven / Mystique)
Lenght: 144 min
IMDB Score: 7,5/10

Jean Grey: [to Mystique] Seeing you on TV changed my life.
Nightcrawler: Me too.
Quicksilver: Me too. I mean, I still live in my mom’s basement, but yeah.

Quicksilver: No matter how fast I run, I always seem to be too late.

Apocalypse: You are all my children, and you’re lost because you follow blind leaders. No more false gods. I’m here now.