Let’s Have a Chat #3

The End of a Chapter

It’s already September and this is my second post for this year. It’s been a year and a half since I started writing on this blog and although I had moments when I wanted to give it up, I kept telling myself inspiration will come my way someday. That being said, it’s not inspiration that hit me today, more like the feeling of wanting to write again. I mentioned in my last recap (December 2016) that I was under a lot pressure (mainly self-induced) and that I was going through an anxiety and depression phase, which I’m very glad to say it passed. A lot has happened since. I got my driving licence, passed my A-Levels exams and got into university. In 2 weeks from now I will be moving to the UK to study Criminology with Social Psychology at the University of Essex. I’m extremely excited and stressed about the move, but I really wanted to write at least once before this big life changing event takes place. I have my hopes high that I will return to even more writing after I settle in.

Soul Mates

Ok. Hold onto your thought until you finish this paragraph. I know. When it comes to drastic subject changes I excel. A couple of months ago I read “Brida” by Paulo Coelho where I was introduced to a theory about soul mates that resonates with me on so many levels. It says that sometimes when a person dies its soul splits and not necessary into 2 pieces. The person’s truly one way of finding peace and happiness in life is to find another person with whom it shared a soul in another life and you can find one, more or none in this life. Coelho wrote that it not necessary to spend the rest of your life with that soul mate, you can if you want to, but you don’t have to. Meeting them, even for a day or an hour has the power to give you a spiritual peace, that you can’t find in another way. This summer I met a boy, with whom, after hours, days and weeks of talking and knowing each other better, I came to the conclusion that I met one of my soul mates. Maybe you don’t believe in this kind of things, I know he doesn’t, all I can do is tell you how meeting him changed me. I struggled a lot throughout my teenage years, suffered bulling, anxiety and depression and he is the first person I felt safe opening up to. For me it has never been the fear of someone using my words to hurt me or exploiting my vulnerabilities, but the fear of not being truly understood. Since I met him I felt the guilt and pain of the past leaving me and every time I’m around him I feel like I can be myself. I honestly started feeling alive and not a prisoner of my past anymore. I’m telling you this, because I feel it is important to talk about it. I’m not saying that the pain goes away entirely or that you forget everything that happend all of a sudden. I want you to know that there is hope of finding peace of mind as long as you stay strong and hold onto your hope.

That’s all for now. I am behind on so many tags and nominations I should probably keep on working. It feels great to write again, so I hope you liked reading this 🙂