9 Books I Enjoyed And Are Underrated

Friday 56Top Ten Tuesday is a weekly meme hosted by The Broke and the Bookish.

Hello everybody and welcome to another fun Top Ten Tuesday. I’m so happy to promote some lovely books that I read (most of them a long time ago) and are underrated (under 2000 ratings on Goodreads).

I’m starting off with one of my all-time favourite series (unfinished… I still have the 4th novel to read). As you probably already noticed it is not in English. It was originally written in Italian, but you can find it in Romanian, German, Spanish, Portuguese, Polish, Russian, Serbian and French. If by any chance you speak one of these languages I strongly recommend reading this series. It is called The Girl of the Sixth Moon and (although I don’t really agree to this) many say it is the female version of Harry Potter. I’ll let you decide that. I’m planning on reading the series again this summer, so I might review it as a whole later on.

The Secret Order of the Gumm Street Girls by Elise Primavera

I previously mentioned this book in another Top Ten Tuesday post. I recently learned that it resembles the story of The Wonderful Wizard of Oz, which I can accept, I mean look at the dog on the cover. It definitely looks like Toto. Anyway, this was a book that made a huge impact on my childhood (probably there could have been better books ‘ahmm…’ Harry Potter for example, but I can’t change the past).

The Book of Lies by James Maloney

Another book that shaped by childhood, although I can’t remember much of it… I will re-read it this summer too. Downside: I learned it is part of a trilogy, which means I’ll have to break my rule and buy at least 2 books this summer. Back to the book. It is a wonderful story filled with magic, friendship and the value of truth.

The Secret of Castle Cant and Escape from Castle Cant by K.P. Bath

I read this books in the summer of 2010, so again I can’t remember everything about them, beside that I loved them. “Lucy Wickwright, hardworking maidservant to Lord Cant’s daughter, does what she’s told, never lies, and always takes the blame for the whims of her mistress. But Lucy’s eagerness to please leads her to become an unwitting ally of a mysterious rebellion that threatens to shake the foundations of the Barony and forever change her life in Castle Cant. When Lucy discovers a shocking secret at the heart of the revolution, will she choose to foil the forces that would exalt her, or betray the one she loves most in the world?” (Goodreads synopsis)

Romeo And Juliet and Hamlet (Graphic Novels)

This books are gold. They blew me away and I recommend them to EVERYONE. I’ve known of their existence for almost 4 years, but only recently I gave them a try. I couldn’t have been more surprised. Matt Wiegle (Romeo and Juliet) and  Neil Babra (Hamlet) did an astonishing job and are worthy of a round of applause. I’ve never read a graphic novel before and they convinced me that I should look for more.

So, my dear friends, this were my picks for this Top Ten Tuesday. I hope you enjoyed it and I’d love to read your opinions on them. I’m currently in Croatia on a class trip 31°C/87°F (or at least that’s what the forecast tells – I programmed this post on Sunday, so things might have changed).



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