Cover Color Challenge: July – Brown & Bronze / June – Results

The Rules:

  • The Book’s cover must have the color of the month somewhere on it. It’s ok if it’s just the dominate color.
  • You have to read that book during the month the color is chosen.
  • Link up & have fun!

For Rachel’s Books Review‘s Challenge click here.

This month is going to be stressful for me; next week I’ll be in Croatia, after that one week home and then two weeks in Romania. It’s not stressful, it’s holiday, but I’m not certain how and what exactly I’ll be reading this month. I picked 4 books to take with me to Croatia (I know that might seem too much, but I’ll have two 14 hours bus rides and I’ll need something to occupy me) as for Romania, I’m taking me e-book reader with me, which means I might just finally read Divergent or The Hunger Games. I’m really not looking forward to buy any books, as (in case you’ve noticed) I bought a lot of books in the past few months. On my wishlist this month: 1. Don’t pay a cent for any book 2. Hopefully read at least 5 books. (I realise ACOTAR is not brown, but I  have to take this book to Romania for my best friend to read, which means I might get around reading it too)IMG_1410-001.JPG

June Results:

I am so happy that I read 4 books for this challenge and 8 in total! I wish this month I’ll have just as much success.



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