“Saturday 9” No° 12 :: As Long As You Love Me (1997)

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Saturday 9: As Long As You Love Me (1997)
If you’re not familiar with today’s song, you can hear it here.

1) This video shows the boys in the band nervously await an audition. When were you last nervous?
Before getting on the plane from Romania to Germany. This happens literally every time I travel by plane. I always worry that I’ll be taken aside for a full-body check, that my luggage is to heavy, that I’ve forgotten something in my bags which isn’t allowed on the plane or that I’ll simply miss my flight.

2) BSB Brian Littrell was born with a congenital heart problem and had open heart surgery the year this song was released. Who is the last person you visited in the hospital?
My grandma, who is in a mental hospital because of Alzheimer.

3) Littrell had different health trouble in 2009. While working in Japan, he contracted swine flu, which caused the band to cancel several events. Have you battled a cold or flu this summer?
I’ve just got through a 4 days tonsillitis and now I’m healthy again.

4) When you feel a cold coming on, what’s your favorite remedy?
Normally I don’t see it coming, but I drink tea a lot, so I guess that’s the best prevention I take.

5) Brian and his cousin, fellow BSB member Kevin Richardson, are both from Kentucky and have been inducted into the Kentucky Music Hall of Fame. According to their website, if you tour the Hall of Fame you’ll see exhibits that celebrate Kentucky’s contribution to American music. Do you enjoy museums? Or do you think they’re a snooze?
I LOVE museums, most probably because of my father. Every vacation we went on included at least a museum visit or sume sort of historical/archaeology site. I regret not going into Louvre and the Versailles; unfortunately there were extremely long queues and we should have booked a visit. It’s also very frustrating for me every time I go on a class trip that no one else wants to see or hear anything about the local history. I was definitely born in the wrong generation or I just have not yet met “the right people”.

6) BSB Nick Carter was named one of People magazine’s “Most Beautiful People in the World.” Who is someone you think is especially gorgeous?
I’m soo not going to choose just one person, because I beauty in a lot of people and sometimes it might be the smile, eyes or a dimple that makes me like him. So, all of you ladies (and guys #NoJudging) here are some men that are easy on the eyes.

I could keep adding more and more, but I don’t want to be too annoying 😀 😂

7) This spring Nick became a father for the first time. Is anyone in your life expecting a baby this year?
One of my cousins gave birth 2 weeks ago, a teacher in my school is going to sometime this year… other than that none.

8) The band has been involved in ongoing litigation with their first manager, saying he had been dishonest with them about how much they had earned. Tell us about someone you trusted, but shouldn’t have.
I’ve mentioned before about my former best friend, who lied and hurt me. I’m better now with less friends and more books!

9) The band’s record-breaking 1999 tour was sponsored by the Sears department store
chain. Sam remembers the twice-a-year shopping trips to Sears — spring and fall — with her mother to update Sam’s school wardrobe. What’s the last article of clothing you bought?
A pair of light blue Nike shorts.

I wish you a wonderful and warm weekend and thank you for reading!



8 thoughts on ““Saturday 9” No° 12 :: As Long As You Love Me (1997)

  1. Your answer to #2 is PERFECT for me. That’s exactly what I go through when I fly. I’m with you on the museums, too.
    So sorry about your grandmother.
    Sometimes books do make better friends than people do.

    Liked by 1 person

  2. I am sorry to hear about your grandma. My maternal grandma had Alzheimer’s, too. It has to be one of the most heart-wrenching conditions out there. I still cry whenever I think of her and how some people treated her like she was nothing. 😦 You and your grandma are in my prayers.
    I have always loved history! I can’t imagine not wanting to know something about the history of an area that I’m visiting. Museums are great!
    I agree with you about books. They might make us cry, but they won’t betray us.
    Have a blessed week.
    Your sis in Christ,


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