“Thursday Challenge” No°9

Thursday Challenge is a place for photographic fun and learning.  A theme is announced on this site each week.  You may either take a new photograph related in some way to the theme or select one that you have taken previously.

Hello everyone! I realised I haven’t done a Thursday Challenge in a while, but to be honest it is not the only thing I didn’t do lately. I’ve got a few tags/awards and other memes that need to be done ASAP and tomorrow I fly to Romania, so I’m not sure that next week will happen so much on this blog. (I’ll try to prepare a few posts though) But, to get back to this week’s Thursday Challenge, the theme is “BLACK” (Dark, Night, Shadows, Shade, Gloom,…). My choice was a set of photos of the Sun Eclipse on the 20.03.15. We put aluminium foil of windows so that we can look at it and I decided to take a few photos (actually I wasn’t the only one, more like the ENTIRE school came to the physics classes to see it)
Photo Demi






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