Let’s Have A Chat

I’ve been thinking for a couple of days to write something that doesn’t necessarily have something to do with books, movies, reviews or memes and finally came up with the idea of creating “Let’s Have A Chat” where I’ll be talking about random things, what I like and dislike in general or on specific topics, basically everything that doesn’t really fit into any category (or I’m to lazy to make it fit a category). For the record, I’m sure there are other bloggers that created similar tags and I’m not trying to copy or steal anyone’s idea. I also wish to say that as random the chosen topics of discussion will be, as random will be the frequency of ‘Let’s Have A Chat’ posts.

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It’s been 10 weeks since I created this blog and I would never regret the choice I made. I’ve made acquaintance with so many wonderful people, read so many great posts, improved my English and learned a few things here and there; not to mention I received a great amount of books and movies suggestions. I want to thank everyone that has been part of this journey so far; I can’t believe that there are actually 21 people who find what I write interesting and worth reading. 🙂 And to think that it all started with me wanting to express my thoughts on a book I had just read (Pushing the Limits) and looking at where I am now, it’s crazy and unbelievable. You might think that I’m a little overreacting, but for me it’s truly an achievement. I’ve tried before to write stories and journals, but I eventually gave up pretty soon. I also know that I’m not such a good explainer and writer, but this blog has really helped me improve and I have to thank my followers for pushing me to do better (I guess I had this thought of not letting people down that kept me going). Now I find it relaxing and it got to a point where I see it as a hobby, although I sometime still have problems with finding the right words.


To this point I’ve mainly talked about my 2 major hobbies, reading and watching movies/TV shows, but I’ve never really talked about other things I like, for example drawing. My drawing skills, like my writing skills, are not outstanding. Most of my ideas I get online (tumblr) and a few I designed myself. Sometimes I might choose to include one of my drawings in regular posts (like I did in The Fault In Our Stars). I’ve started drawing ‘professionally’ about 4 years ago when I joined a graffiti school club, which is just a normal drawing club throughout the year, expect for summer when it’s a real graffiti club.IMG_1247IMG_1236IMG_0793IMG_1237


I remember how hard it was to find a name that wasn’t taken. Ughh… it’s always so frustrating. Anyway, after trying more than 30 combinations, I eventually decided to combine 2 words I love :D. I thought I was a genius, ‘obviously’. I also think I created a nice metaphor, since reading books is for me an escape to travel worlds, existent or non-existent. I’m not trying to brag, as I know there are others with really awesome names. I just wanted to share a small story. 🙂

I hope you liked my first ‘Let’s Have A Chat’ and hopefully there will be more to come! I like reading all of your comments and I appreciate them, even if I don’t answer all of them.



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