Cover Color Challenge: May – Dark Green / April – Results

The Rules:

  • The Book’s cover must have the color of the month somewhere on it. It’s ok if it’s just the dominate color.
  • You have to read that book during the month the color is chosen.
  • Link up & have fun!

For Rachel’s Books Review‘s Challenge click here.

At first I thought I actually don’t have any books with a dark green cover (I didn’t take HP: The Half-Blood Prince and Inkspell into consideration, since both of them belong to series and none of them is the first novel). After thorough search I found out I own at least 3 dark green books. Considering that last month I planned to read 4 and ended up with only one, this month I just want to read 2 and I’ll be happy.IMG_1171.JPG
There is not much I can say about the first book. The second book, I looked it up, and apparently hasn’t been translated in any language (it’s Romanian by the way). It’s called “Legends of Olymp” and it is the first volume entitled Gods (the second one is called Heroes). Confession: I was supposed to read this in the summer break of 2011. The third book is the Romanian version of “After The Funeral”.

Click here for the results.

As for the results of my April Cover Color Challenge… well… you know… I only achieved one. ‘one is better than none’ ‘hurray’. I decided that in the coming months I’ll try to read at least one extra book, besides the challenge, that would have fitted a previous month. Mainly I’ll focus on January to March, since there are a few red, purple and light blue books I could get off my TBR list.



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