Top Ten Five Bookworm Delights

Friday 56Top Ten Tuesday is a weekly meme hosted by The Broke and the Bookish.

This week’s “Top Ten Tuesday” topic is so wonderful and funny, because it’s about books and what I love about them and it’s definitely going to get weird. Let’s start this top! (Note: the chosen order doesn’t play any role)

1°) Buying books
I guess it is pretty obvious, right? If you love reading books, you definitely love go shopping for them once in a while. I actually find myself every day on online book stores and it’s really hard sometimes to convince myself not to buy any.

2°) Libraries
Well… if you love reading, you definitely love visiting libraries more often than book stores. That’s my case anyway. Although I haven’t lend a book in a while, as a volunteer in my school’s library, I go there almost every day. I really love this library, since they have such a huge variety of books and many new as well. Whether I’m not sure about buying the book or I just cannot afford it at the moment, the library is the best place for me to go.

3°) Book fairs
There was a book fair in my home town I visited 3 years in a row and it was around the time I gained a passion for reading. Unfortunately I haven’t been able to keep up the tradition since I moved to Germany, but that’s about to chance. I’m planing to visit the Frankfurt book fair this October with my best friend and her other best friend (that sounds weird), so I’m really excited about it!

4°) Sniffing (“this sounds very normal”)
Every bookworm I’ve met has always told, that one of the best things about books, mainly new books, is their smell. I wouldn’t call myself a true bookworm, if I didn’t agree to that. The perk of buying a new book gives one the honour of being the first sniffer (“this post is just getting better”)

5°) BookmarksIMG_1151
Collecting bookmarks has become a hobby and I even got to the point where I buy bookmarks as souvenirs from trips, but they are so wonderful and precious that they end up not being used, which I know it should change. I normally fell in love with one specific bookmark and over-use it until it’s so worn it could be considered a museum relic.

This is my top five book delights! Let me know in the comments if you like the same things or maybe different and I wish you a wonderful week!



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