“Message In a Bottle” by Nicholas Sparks

I am a huge fan on Nicholas Sparks’ books(this is my 10th book) and to this day he never disappointed me. It is hard to say which book is the best, because they all are great in their own way. I enjoyed “Message in a Bottle” because of the love story, which is by far very heart-breaking but also magnificent.

Message in a BottleMy rating: 5/5
Published: 1999 by Warner Books
342 pages

What would be the chance of finding a message in bottle and then its writer? Not that high. The love story itself is wonderful, one that you can only dream of happening to you, well… except for the end (I don’t want to give away any spoilers). As you find out in the blurb, Garrett has lost his wife, wrote a letter to her, threw the letter in the ocean, Theresa found it, found Garrett afterwards and they fell in love. You will find that Garrett could not give away his love for Catherine (so easily), which I loved so much about him, because I saw this as great character feature. It would not have been a great novel, if Garrett would have just let go of his past when he fell in love with Theresa. Oh, Garrett… how can I even start with you?
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There are no words to fully describe how wonderful he is. A gentleman, loves with all his heart and a great cook 😉 What I didn’t like about the book, which happens in most of Nicholas Sparks’ books is the truth that Theresa hides from Garrett about how she really found Garrett. On the bright side I also found Theresa’s way of living and thinking fascinating, because I could easily find myself in her words.
The only mistake I have done was to watch the movie before reading the book :/ Although it was 3-4 years ago, I still remember how the story went. Even in that situation the book took me by surprise at times, because it is quite different from the movie. All in all I really enjoyed the book and definitely recommend it as it is worth reading.

For my Reading Challenge: A book set in a different country


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